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SEO & Website Traffic

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It’s essential to have best practice SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your website to help increase traffic. We will get straight to the point and let you know that it is not as simple as writing content and posting it on your Facebook or self-built website. For example, Keyword and KeyPhrase Research are only a tiny portion of what should be implemented and practiced.  

To get started, you need to practice critical basics like:

  1. Keyword & Keyphrase Research.
  2. Be on an up-to-date website platform that scores well on search engines.
  3. Connect your Social Media accounts to your website.
  4. Google Business Profile set up with accurate and up-to-date business information.
  5. Make sure Google Analytics is connected to your website.

…… There are many more basic practices; however, it’s genuinely best that you work with someone who has experience in the website and or social media field that can either educate you on how to fully set up your digital presence or, do it for you.

Most SEO and Website blogs can always be way too long and have paragraphs filled with nothing but thousands of words. Here, we will get to the point. 

Like we said before, you can learn to do everything yourself, i.e., build and manage the website, manage SEO, and keep up on changes throughout the year from both of the prior. Or, you can get a pro to help and get the fundamentals in place to help you grow digitally the way you should and deserve! 

Whether it’s Northern Web Development or another pro or team, reach out to someone right away for education on how to get started digitally or get what you already have in shape for success!

by Jacob Szymik & Northern Web Development