Social Media Best Practice

Social Media Best Practice

Social Media management for business is a field just like website development. Most think they can manage themselves; however, they miss vital pieces that hinder their success massively. 

You can find countless courses and self-help documents, and they all say something different. Self-help sites and management tools will only take your social media accounts so far, no matter what they advertise. It comes down to the reality that there is a reason why TRUE Social Media Specialists exist!

At Northern Web Development, we believe in educating our clients. That way, if you want to manage your website or social media accounts on your own, you can. We believe that if you are interested in understanding how the digital world works, then we are happy to explain. 

All we care about is that you are set up for your success whether you work with our team or not! So many businesses out there that set up the surface level of their accounts and have no idea the potential they have with social media as a business development tool!

To get started, you need to practice critical basics like:

  1. Filling out all business information & making sure it matches all other digital material you have on search engines.
  2. Have Quality Photos.
  3. Make posts more about education and not about sales or products.
  4. Only sell 10% of the time.
  5. Connect your Social Media accounts to your website.
  6. Post frequently and consistently.

Please reach out to us or another team/pro that can help you. Many other essential pieces should be in place, set up, and running to help your social media profiles gain the traction you are looking seeking.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short about Social Media best practices, and if you need help with anything or have questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

by Jacob Szymik & Northern Web Development