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The Difference between DIY Websites and Professionally Built Websites

The Difference between DIY Websites and Professionally Built Websites

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DIY Websites can most certainly take you places; however, there are hundreds if not thousands of best practice basics you should have in place that the DIY sites do not tell you to implement. 

We are speaking of the subject of education. We are taken back almost every day on how much is not put in place for business owners and those alike wanting to take themselves forward digitally; however, they have not been given the tools or education to succeed. 

The Northern Web Development team is ready to educate you even if you do not work with us as a client! We prefer you have the correct answers than spend hard-earned revenue on tools and education that do not provide ANY ROI (Return of Investment).

Here are some mixed vital differences listed below for you to consider and then decide for yourself:

  1. Most basic DIY website builders do not provide SEO already in place.
  2. Professionally built websites are typically made with tools that allow you to move your website if needed to another team to manage it, unlike most DIY website builders where you cannot move the website. You better know how to manage site files or code if you do!
  3. Most basic DIY website builders provide templated websites that cannot be edited easily. 
  4. It’s scarce to find a DIY website builder willing to provide you with the honest education and advice that depending on the industry you are in, your website should be one piece of more extensive business development and branding plan.
  5. DIY website builders advertise fast setup…. If you know what you are doing OR pay them to do it! 
  6. You can find Website Development teams with outstanding customer service who want the best for you and your brand! You will not just be another number! 
  7. A skilled Website Development team will be able to show you positive results within six months to a year or sometimes less while you continue to build your business.

As always, please reach out to us or another team/pro that can help you. 

Thank you for investing your time and reading this short education piece, and we hope that it helped you figure out what will suit you or your business best in your journey forward! 

by Jacob Szymik & Northern Web Development