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History of Websites and Where We Might Go

History of Websites and Where We Might Go

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In 1989, the first version of HTML was created by Tim Berners-Lee, who was part of the team at CERN. But it wasn’t until 1991, when Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina produced Mosaic, that we saw what HTML could do. In 1993, the Mosaic browser became Netscape Navigator (Mosaic was actually renamed Netscape Navigator). The first websites looked nothing like they do today. Blocky, white text on a blue background is how it all started. 

Look at how far we have come! We cannot even begin to imagen what the internet as a whole will look like in 10 to 15 years. If this is how far we have progressed in this short span of time, who knows, maybe we will be on Mars by then;) 

When you think about how your favorite websites will change in 2025, what comes to mind? 

Websites are changing all the time, and there is no doubt that they will continue to do so. Most people now use mobile devices as their primary method of browsing the internet, which means that many website owners have had to make changes to accommodate this shift. For example, they might need to redesign their website so that it looks good on mobile devices. 

But what happens when we start using augmented reality devices? Will we still need websites? The answer may be yes because we still need somewhere to store our data, but there’s also speculation that our phones will be able to perform these functions themselves within a few years.

How can you use this knowledge to your advantage? Any web-based business that plans on staying in business for more than one year should be aware of these changes and be sure to prepare for when they come. The key is not to feel threatened by these changes but rather to embrace them as an opportunity for your business to grow. 

Thank you for taking the time for a quick review, and be sure to do what you can as a team to stay ahead of the curve! 

by Jacob Szymik & Northern Web Development

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