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Setting Up Google Business Accounts

Setting Up Google Business Accounts

Setting up a Google Business Account is an important step for your business. It’s the hub where
you can manage your Google Ads and other products to get the most out of all that Google has
to offer.

Here are some best practices for setting up your account:
Do it right away. The sooner you set up your account, the sooner you can start taking advantage
of all that Google has to offer and see results from your ads campaigns.
Make sure it’s accurate. Make sure all the information in your profile matches what people will
find when they search for your business — including any variations on spelling or unusual
capitalization (for example, “John Smith” instead of “John Smith”). Be sure to include location
information so that local customers can find you easily with search results.
Add photos and videos as well as contact information so customers know who they’re dealing
with when they call or email.
Creating a Google Business Account is simple:
Go to and sign in with your Google account (if you don’t already have one,
create one here).

Click “Create an account” at the top right of the page.
Google Business accounts aren’t too difficult to set up, and it’s likely that you’ll be able to do all
you need. But if you start to run into problems, know that support is a phone call or email away!
And before we go, we’d like to offer one final piece of advice: once your Google business
account is set up, use it! It may seem like extra work at first, but over time it will save you time
and headaches.

Thank you for investing your time and looking over the information we have provided. Be sure to
reach out or visit our website if you have any questions on getting help with your Google
Business Account!

by Jacob Szymik & Northern Web Development

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